Here we go again!

Tight up to the lace one more year, I am moving the tail for being your dog (Rendition to the forthcoming Stooge‘s 50th anniversary.) Ready to periodize time for taking a healthy knap. It’s going to be rushy. There are too many offerings for a rational schedule, from PRO through pre-(whatever) and, finally, to the exhausting post. However, there’s the magical word: choice. I’ll be there, at my prescripted corner, Primavera Bits, where I stood last year, almost on stillness mode. I’ll do the walk (or transfer – thanks, SEAT -) for the exciting rest. I swear I’ll wear under my pants a flowered Bermuda swimsuit for the main stage, “Lotus,” to go for a “Splish, Splash” at the right time.

In a model of gender parity, the most acclaimed DJ-producers will be on the decks. From Laurel Halo to Veronica Vasicka (excited for what can come off from her box running Minimal Wave). Helena Hauff, her sister in sound, who’s always taking me back to an ambiguous disturbing-pleasant background. Yes, Sophie. Narrator Marie Davidson. I want that NYC raver kid on Princess Nokia‘s set. I am celebrating proposal Octo Octa b2b Eris Drew. I’ll stand for Peggy Gou. Pop up with Robyn. Choreographed FKA Twigs. Lately, Nina Kraviz. Erykah Badu, I won’t forget you.

Concerning guys, Cybotron is a piece of history. Curiosity for Nas and Dâm Funk. If I can, double Objekt. To recapitulate, Hieroglyphic Being. Richie Hawtin, an excellent pre- for Avalon Emerson. Apparat, you take me for the longest run. You also are expecting James Blake with Rosalía.

Nitzer Ebb, promise I’ll be there. Stiff Little Fingers, Guided By Voices, Liz Phair, Primal Scream and Tame Impala you’re worth for a transfer, from schedule to my heart.

Ok, we all love indie music, but what some of us like the most is to evolve. Moreover, what I appreciate from Primavera Sound is that programmers do their job, going along with the music changing times. To the J Balvin reggaeton offer, locals bill talented Rosalía, who took her trained “cantaora”‘s flamenco roots to the nowadays standards of musical production. They don’t stop in this, and they go further. Primavera Sound 2019 offers a privileged contrasting situation. There will be a middle stage between these two significant phenomena. A Point of interest. “El Punto” stage, placed on the Parc del Fòrum’s electronic side, where artist Yung Beef curates a selection of seventeen (17) urban music local emerging talents going from trap to reggaeton. It is for the owner, a place where the rich Spanish culture contributes to the globalized musical forms. It will allow discerning and qualifying the incomes and feedbacks; what gave Imperial Spain to the Ultramar colonies to conform Caribbean musical roots, where J Balvin takes his reggaeton from; what can add those new voices to the urban of its own and vice-versa, leaving Rosalía as an outstanding contribution to the pattern in “quejíos.” Lovely, Nathy Peluso. Have a nice time. We’ll see around!