A warm suggestion

A sharing pleasure

Lawrence Guy debuts on British imprint Shall Not Fade with “The Sun Is Warm And Directly Above You,” a three-track EP released on Friday, February 21.

Lawrence Guy: “The Sun Is Warm And Directly Above You” EP (Shall Not Fade)

The London-based producer is known for his relentless devotion to samplers and field-recordings. He uses them on his elegant DJ sets and compiles on edits label Accidental Pieces as well spreads on his Rinse FM residency. He dedicates a “love letter” to these sound bits, allowing them to express himself. The rich diversity of samplers and the synthesizer are the perfect combination in his hands working for good.

Accurate, never pretentious but refined, he builds three tracks in house, activating piano mode key that riddles over the rhythmic pattern. The two instrumentals let the central for a vocal development. The title track of the EP is an invitation, a relaxing suggestion for sharing open space in amicable talk with friends under the warmth of the sun.