Grounded on the absence

Missing the Mediterranean

Pedro Vian announces his third studio album, “Ibillorca,” due to release on a limited vinyl edition of 500 copies on April 30th through Modern Obscure Music.

There’s a need for an introduction to getting in the mood of the album. In 2018, the Catalan DJ/Producer, renowned in the Barcelona scene, decided to move to Amsterdam. Now, based in Zaandam, a location thirty minutes away from the capital, he works on HetHEM studio. The new ubication is undoubtedly a step forward not only in the artistic matter but also in terms of connectivity with the increasing development of his label, Modern Obscure Music/MOM. The right decision by one side. The other is the fact that he is a son of the Mediterranean. He belongs to a culture. The mostly gray skies and rainy days of the place do affect as he recognized: “I come from there and I miss the light, the sun and the smell of the sea, so I dedicated this album to this feeling.”

Pedro Vian always has a personal implication in the music he creates. This positive affirmation means in his case that the fleeting thoughts and feelings are the priority, a peculiar state of mind, whole cohesive ideas that look for fitting patterns to express in musical research. He provides deeply narrative with music. Then he is eclectic, a matter of speech without words, interrupted by new incomes, revolted in energy, sedated in contemplation, a sincere explanation of what is him in time of description.

He is faithful to this way of working albums since his first self-released “Transitions (2014)”. The evolution with the evocative “Beautiful Things You Left Us For Memories (MOM, 2016),” a walk around the city at night. The eponymous “Pedro Vian (MOM, 2019)” tracked for the dance-floor, never artificially produced, not in a gesticulative way.

Pedro Vian: “Ibillorca” (Modern Obscure Music) Artwork by Blanca MirĂ³, design by Marc Monguilod 

Now, “Ibillorca” grounds on the absence. It is not nostalgia but a need to revive the left. The title is compounding the toponomy of the mind related to the Balearic islands of Ibiza (Eivissa, in Catalan) and Mallorca. It is a recreational, idealized place to explain the miss. It is not the place of leisure, of those rutilant nights you figured out at once. But in they are, mostly as a counterpart, in thrilling beats. There are styles like drum’n’bass working as an isolated trend only received for few, and house working for connection. There is space music to the hippy origins of the islands’ appeal, and also Balearic hints of hedonism. Peaceful Eric Satie to smell the pines over abrupted cliffs. And the chant of cicadas searching for the couple in the mid of the heat. Discover the sound of a mind remembering; it is the gorgeous island of intimacy. The Mediterranean Sea is all around, a cadence pulling from memory.