Completing House side of Herbert

A chapter in versatility

On February 24, Matthew Herbert released “Part 8” EP on his Accidental Records.

Herbert: “Part 8” EP (Accidental Records) Art-work / Hopper

For now, it is the last installment of the “Parts” series initiated in 1995, the completing part to date of the house-focused material by the British electronic musician and producer, delivered under the moniker of Herbert.

Part 8” was the reactivated series’ culminating highlight for 2015, the third of a row of consecutive releases, which drew attention throughout 2014 with the previous numerals. The EP contains four tracks, featuring vocals by Rehel (Rahel Debebe-Dessalegne) and Ade (Ade Omotayo) in two of them, the most relevant.

Rehel braids her voice to the brave staccato of ‘The Wrong Place,’ a track that reveals his inventiveness for pushing boundaries and breaking conventions. To dare into that needs technical skills and a good command on the elements to ensure a melody comes out of it. Fragmented, but the unconventional, no linear built-up melody exits. Parts, fragments, and repetition are for the ‘Ticket‘ to ride on the deconstructed properties of House.

In “Palmas,” setback goes the initial ‘Remember Ken,’ not in a proper Flamenco way, but as an abstraction of another rhythm pattern can be the counterpart of a piano line leading to Ade‘s voice and a close and soulful approach to a customized Deep House. Finally, ‘Her Face‘ is bound to tribute the liquidity sound of the steel percussions on the way constructed in multilayered tickling melodies.

Parts” series conforms a side-part of Matthew Herbert‘s versatility, diversified but cohesive, abruptly interrupted in 1996 but reinforced to #8 in 2015. The last? I hope not.

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