The Unconventional Challenge

Never going back

On February 22, 2010, Warp mainstay and Techno redirected to IDM duo Autechre-[æ] reached its tenth album, “Oversteps.” First available on and Japanese iTunes became a CD and deluxe vinyl option the next day.

Autechre: “Oversteps” (Warp,2010)

The abstract is always a concept difficult to explain semantically. Not only belongs to the universal meaning but blurs in vague descriptions when you try to come down the continuous of the participant elements of the perception to an understandable common language. It is the overwhelming colour of the absolute in Rothko‘s paintings. No words found because wordlessness is the meaning of his epoch. The same absolute you find out on Andy Warhol‘s bottle series a few steps away on other MoMA‘s room. Then you click a code to express your perception comparing both. The abstract and the serialization of a specific object tend to equalize in the same absolute result, apparently like ‘O=0.’

Musical terminology tries to describe concisely but goes unuseful. Autechre-[æ] music needs a comparative framework. It could be mathematics or its applied daughter, Physics, but it is going too far. Kinetic art is suitable. It contains movement perceivable by the viewer, whose changing perspective alternates different perceptions of the whole at once. Change the viewer for a listener, and you will get the code.

Autechre-[æ] suggests a musical object but never in a linear way. A synth line could be the anima, the first perception, but they always go deeper to the fundamental matter, to the constructing zone of it, where you can apply micro whatever, minimalism, and so on. If you got interested in quantic physics, you would perceive Penrose avoiding Copenhaguen Interpretation of quantic mechanics, assuming a system can be deterministic but not necessarily algorithmic. Then you go pleased with your conscience. It is an intimate pleasure, not easily transferable or shared.

Oversteps” emitted sonar signals out Autechre-[æ], exploring possibilities to go backward on their steps with hints of Techno and industrial beats. Still, I think they were joking with themselves with more accessible and predictable continuity in demand.

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