Leifur James : “Wise Old Man”

A promising taste

The London-based producer and composer Leifur James announces his highly anticipated sophomore album, “Angel In Disguise,” which is due for release on April 24th via Late Night Tales original artist label Night Time Stories. The first single is ‘Wise Old Man,’ more than a promising taste.

On a few occasions, you have the certainty of listening to an exceptional track at once. It is a braided introduction, where synths to deep bass incorporating effects to rhythmic setbacks in vibrant percussion. Comparing with previous work, a signature structure from a classically trained musician who knows to harmonize. Suddenly the voice, reflective and melancholic, with the phrasing core “Wise old man in my brain, soul bursting through my veins.” Arppeggiated crescendo when rhythmic counterparts give enough space to flourishing details, and the voice again. It all comes back to a stripped version of the pattern’s basic unit, like nude thought, the skeleton of it. An emotive synth emerges to the fulfillment. It is all in balance, perfect, elegant.

Wise Old man‘ will turn you to Leifur James‘ debut album, “A Louder Silence,” released in October 2018. There was organic instrumentation in a blend of jazz with electronica. This time around, as far as we know, James is pure switched. Guess Whites producer, Coby Say, involved in the reworks of it, brother EP “A Louder Silence. The Remixes (2019),” as well as the included and excellent FaltyD remix of ‘Mumma Don’t Tell,’ would have suggested something.

As has been reported, “Angel In Disguise” has a long run to the release, probably enriched in visuals by Hungarian director, Bal√°zs Simon, with whom Leifur James worked on “Wurlitzer,” a track introduced on piano and ended in techno through absorbing animated motion piece. The schedule also brings intimate showcases in The UK and European cities, starting in Copenhaguen in May, successively in Berlin, Amsterdam, and Brussels, before heading to London and Manchester.

Leifur James : “Angel In Disguise” (Night Time Stories)

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