Hivernacle Pop Up Club: #1 Halloween Special Night

No trick for the treat

Autumn is here, and Hivernacle Pop Up second edition’s bill is back to renew this ephemeral idea of a club, always hot, with full parties of envolving sound and visuals. This three-part series event will take place through each of the resting months of the year under a transparent plastic greenhouse set at Plaça Major in Poble Espanyol (Barcelona).

The first will be on October 28, tagged as #1 Halloween Special Night, with legendary Derrick May heading the line-up along two females DJs and producers like french born Berlin based Bloody Mary (a.k.a Marjorie Migliaccio) and Ukranian IVA (a.k.a Anastasia Topolskaia). Two locals will round it up, Eduardo de la Calle, with his techno based in everything and everybody is physics particle vibrations, and the Argentinian based in Barcelona, Fede Zerdán. He will open at 10 p.m., and May will close from 2 a.m. until 4 a.m. The night will lighten up with lots of jack-O’-lanterns and beat pulses of Techno.

Having Derrick May (“Innovator”) on the decks is having a monster of pioneering Detroit Techno. He is one-third of the legendary bunch of visionaries commonly known as “Belleville Three,” along with his musical mentor Juan Atkins (“Godfather of Techno”) and collaborator Kevin Saunderson (“Elevator”), now on the road again as collaborative effort since Coachella 2017. Back in the early ’80s, these three were high-school kids. Atkins introduced to May and Saunderson in stuff as diverse as from Kraftwerk to Yellow Magic Orchestra, Depeche Mode, The B-52’s and Prince, including extensive and intense listening through Bootsy Collins, George Clinton’s Funkadelic, and Parliament material.

This mixture of Europhilia and weird shit that was decisive for the sound that represents May in one third through his three-decades-long career, from first steps as Deep Space Soundworks (with Atkins) to the singles signed as Rythim is Rythim. He is part-responsible for taking Techno back to its cradle, to the spirit of the city which gave it birth, after the massive impact on the other side, in the always receptiveness for innovative European shores, especially in the UK where it crossed into the pop charts in the late eighties. It was a round trip for good, recapturing some lost soul, by the way helping to make a difference from Chicago House. A set that predicts some healthy perspective in time from foundation’s drops.

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