Burial – Rodent (Hyperdub)

Promising New

Promising New

The UK producer has released the 10-inch vinyl of his new track on Hyperdub backed with a label boss’ Kode9 Remix. Preceded by the digital edition, available to download from mid-September, the physical format hits the shelves at the beginning of Autumn season.

In a way, “Rodent” is a surprise, though it participates of all elements we recognize since Burial came with “Untrue,” ten years ago. We got what we expect, his always distinctive cinematic, concerning and reflexive descriptions due to score midnight on city street views. It helps to be a Londoner, but everybody knows there’s a place that sounds like that wherever you do the hooded walking.

It comes from a place left behind and transformed. It gets the picture of deserting neighborhoods in vacant buildings with windows and doors walled up, urban nightlands echoing the emptiness of what it was in a look back. “Hey” sounds like a close-up for attention; same breaths hit the ground; horn samples break as forgotten coma punctuation in the story, while archangelical chorus flies over 90’s ambient jungle oblivion. Bassline takes us back in time to a basement club where the formative 2-step garage was growing.

But “Rodent” is surprising because instead of being an abstract proposal to fit a thought into the ghostly dark side, it is focused, even propulsive in deep garage house. It promises something new, leaving a moving trace of change. An R&B vocal sample does the job. A sentence like “What would I do without you?” is tech-treated as parts, rolling together in a random mode to configure an unprecise but envolving mantra, resembling an Adham’s calling. That’s full-stop for further considerations.

On the reverse, Kode9 remixes the original turning its fragmented vocal sample into a frantic “on looping”-“I do it” footwork, one of the cornerstones with he built “Nothing” album in 2015, dedicated to Spaceape (Stephen Samuel Gordon) memory. It has nothing to do with Burial’s piece, which proves how different are the ways both artists have chosen to evolute from their common roots.

We wait for William Emmanuel Bevan (a.k.a Burial)’ new material at the end of the year, as he did with “Truant/Rough Sleeper”(2012); “Rival Dealer,” (2013) and “Young Death/Nightmarket” (2016). This time, Burial kept a consistent pace of releases. In April he added a remix for the “Inner City Life (2017 Rebuild)”, reconsidering Goldie’s seminal track from 1994 album debut “Timeless.” He followed the ambient atmosphere of “Young Death” with single “Subtemple/Beachfires,” appeared in May. Unexpected was the July smokier take from M√łnic (Simon Shreeve)’ “Deep Summer,” celebrating the 50th reference of Osiris imprint. Now, it’s Autumn, and we have a promising new Burial.

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