Uner & Fideles: “Havona” EP

In good company

Catalan DJ and producer Uner debuts on Last Night On Earth imprint joining Italian duo Fideles (Daniele Aprile & Mario Roberti) with a 4-track EP called “Havona.” A joint-venture of two classically trained musicians to compliment each other’s way of production, pairing his passion for pure instrumental improvisation with their layered electronic sense of melody. The result is powerful, atmospheric and emotionally charged.

“Havona” enriches all its tracks with an elegant and refined fluidity of added elements, that is the finesse of fulfillment. Expect no other way from these know how guys to lay the groundwork. Uner & Fidelis go together for a remarkable 2017. The Italian duo had already released on Innervisions, and prepare more equally highbrow productions scheduled for later in the year. The talented Catalan is in good company.

The title track is poignant synth delicacy over an immersive wave to an end.

‘Dzyam,’ pulsed in cold, steely time, breaks in synth praise for attention, in claims textured soundscape, where an emotive bass pad is in charge for a while to let the pulse to recapture.

‘Blade’ has two offerings. The original grows emotion in a modulating synth line under the realm of kick. The strings version intensifies the mood on harmony and orchestral arrangements.

Uner (born Manuel García, nicknamed as Manu) is one of a kind. He plays piano since he was four years old. His interest in electronic music comes from his father, who used to buy ambient records.

Now he’s part of the international stardom, but he walks unnoticed on the streets of Pardinyes, the district of East Lleida (El Segrià, Catalonia) where he lives at least a week every two months each year. The rest takes him flying all over the world. 127 gigs in 2016 is an impressive score for a young man who debuted in 2009 with “Raw Sweat” through German prestigious Diynamic imprint. In less than a decade, he got the support of influential people like Laurent Garnier, Luciano, Âme, Dennis Ferrer, Matthew Dear or Damian Lazarus to mention a few, who take Uner’s records into their cases. Sasha also believes in his talent, in his music concept, where classical matches with dancefloor, by signing him for his next step on Last Night On Earth.

Unnoticed in Lleida, but demanded to be on selfies of those who recognize him on the streets of Eïvissa (Ibiza), where he will be for Ushuaïa Opening Party on May 27th. Right after that, in Barcelona. Check him out.

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