Sasha feat. Poliça: “Out Of Time” EP

Back To The Future

Back in September 2015, internationally renowned DJ and producer Sasha (Alexander Coe) announced he was to take an extended touring break to focus on studio projects and spend more time with his family. Almost two years later, this announcement has been settled on several and diversified releases in his most productive era yet. The latest one is his debut on Kompakt catalog with an EP that takes singer Channy Leaneagh, of Minneapolis synth-pop group Poliça, backed with a Patrice Bäumel’s remix, plus an instrumental version and a radio edit, only available as exclusive on digital. It’s a good decision, considering intentions and results.

This track has an intentional title, confirmed as the original mix begins. It’s a déjà vu with a display of recursive sounds that takes back to early 2000. Then Sasha earned the appellative of the godfather of progressive and renewed his star condition over a brilliant past as UK dance pioneer in the 80’s at the legendary club The Hacienda; defining join-venture-DJ-era with John Digweed at Renaissance and being demanded from Madonna and Pet Shop Boys to The xx. “Out of time” it’s a bit of Tech House breaks, revamping a “know how” in propulsive beats, where Poliça’s voice navigates through sophisticated melody on emotional crests. Sure a room-filler, appealing to an instant memory, to revive roots right away. At this point, the radio edit becomes a suitable need, ready to be played and go far beyond.

Patrice Bäumel takes the original to a more contemporary level giving full impedance to the voice and exchanging original melody for a minimalistic structure without any loose of emotion.

Sasha is another selected sign for Kompakt Records. The imprint run by Michael Mayer from headquarters in Cologne has a mission, consisting in the unashamed goal to make compatible two worlds radically separated until the turn of the millennium: the avant-garde music based on electronics and the catchy emotional pop. They are doing pretty good in laying the foundations of the 21st-century future pop by getting collaborations from talented producers that, at least, walked on the cutting edge but returned, instead of being full state-of-the-art elusive ones (sorry, idea people). We need these, like space probes irrupting into the unknown to discover, as much as those that download data for us, that is to say for human knowledge and fun. Otherwise, music is elitism.

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