Maya Jane Coles: “Won’t Let You Down” EP

She’s back

Multitasking Maya Jane Coles (musician, DJ, producer, audio engineer, and label boss) delivers a taster for her second full-length album “Take Flight,” due to be released later this year on her own I/AM/ME. “Won’t Let You Down” EP features title track with two remixes from Catz ‘N Dogz and Paride Saraceni along with “Cherry Bomb” and “Round In Circles.”

Aside from many remixes, contributions and compilations this is her first material signed under her name since “Watcher Remixes” EP on Dogmatik Records in fall 2014, weeks after her debut album “Comfort.”
The original mix from “Won’t Let You Down” is worth enough for the wait and deserves the best expectations. A piece of descriptive, and emotive electronica with penetrant dramatic steely punctuations made out of piano chords always demanding for the refrain. It ever appears in a female voice smoothly to calm, like a hypnotic sedative as a deranged guitar sound reminds The Cure. Romantic.

London-based newcomer Paride Saraceni takes the general description of to a more chaptered suggested situations over a stripped-back techno core ready for the floor. Pet Recording bosses Cats’N Dogz’s remix is straight, inflamed and propulsive Tech House tensioned between synth melodies and string effects.

One of the two side tracks, “Cherry Bomb,” is melodic house motion with bubbling quality to walk for an almost lost or self-murmured innocence. The other one, “Round In Circles,” leads to a darker place, related to previous works by the British-Japanese artist, giving to the title a musical correspondence in syncopated dub-like resounds.

An eagerly awaited return to the LP format for almost three years and this appetizer sounds as exciting and diverse as to predict that 2017 will be a great year for her.

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