Ost & Kjex feat. Mung: “Dirty Mind” EP

Connected with The Symbol: Prince ad infinitum (∞)

After eight years, Ost & Kjex return to Crosstown Rebels with “Dirty Mind” EP, led by title track featuring Mr. Mung (Mungolian Jet Set) with the addition of two remixes by Seven Davis Jr. and Basti Grub. “Movie Box” completes the five tracker EP.

Is there something related to Prince on this new Ost & Kjex single? Yes, apparently. It’s the title track’s cover from third studio album released by forever beloved Minneapolis genius back in 1980. It’s what every cover should be, a recreational approach to the original looking for perspective from the steadfast updating sign of the times. It’s a cover based on lyrics because, musically, has nothing to do with the original. That’s the interesting thing. Furthermore, those words are the primal substance for the Norwegian duo’s recreation. They dig deep down into its lasciviousness, reworked for a purpose.

The sexually explicit lyrics of the original song were controversial at the time, a shock for any narrow-minded who felt unable to deal with the liberating lewdness of the rest seven songs. It was a confident step forward, a show-off to unveil society’s hypocrisy. Also, it was a stark break-up from Prince’s smooth R&B of the two previous albums, paving the runway to take off with his unique style. In 1981, he signed “Controversy” album. That’s what those words meant to be. A change of attitude that threw away taboos; definitely, an act of freedom…

Now, we could say everything has changed. For sure, music did it. Tech House is the spirit of our age. What Ost & Kjex did with this “Dirty Mind” cover is to accentuate the provocative original lyrics as a symbol of change and wrapped them up into the beats that move us now, the musical aesthetics that means the transformation in itself, the one we play and listen to feel alive and kicking, connected. Using the noun “substance” means Petter Haavik and Tore Gjedrem worked for relationships.

Some of us were dancing on to the original “Dirty Mind.”. Most chose personal education on “Free Your Mind…” And where Funkadelic’s sentence follows is where Ost & Kjex meets with Mr. Mung, one of the multiple characters created for occasional collaborations from Mungolian Jet Set (Pål “Strangefruit” Nyhus and Knut Sævik). This Norwegian duo, seduced by George Clinton’s mythology, is fully and emotionally prepared to give right turns to the sampled voice on the updated “Dirty Mind.”.

Producer Seven Davis Jr. is responsible for one of the two remixes. It can’t be another way. The Ninja Tune long time affiliate is part of the freaky funk continuum that comes from Funkadelic and Parliament to FunkiEven, Flying Lotus, and Moodymann to name a few. His remix fits perfectly and drives to a straight Prince’s “Sign of the times” tribute with an intoxicating bassline.

The other remix is signed by Frankfurt producer Basti Grub (Sebastian Grub), who debuts for Crosstown Rebels with a rework that inserts key vocal phrases into a hypnotic sequence of layers, propelled in techno and segmented with wild sound slashes.

The Ost & Kjex return to Crosstown Rebels involves explicit lyrics by Prince. Their last release for Damian Lazarus’ imprint was a contribution to “Summertime,” a track included in Jamie Jones’ “Don’t You Remember The Future” (2009), an implicit rendition to The Symbol. It is a comeback that rounds up after eight (8) years. Numerology? 8, a number made out by an interaction of 2 circles.

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