Joe Goddard: “Music Is The Answer” Hot Since 82 Remix

A hot week for Joe

It was premiered last Friday night on Pete Tong’s The Essential Selection/ BBC Radio 1. In less than twelve hours it was an available download on Beatport as part of “Music Is The Answer – Hot Since 82 Remix”, a two tracker EP digitally released through Greco-Roman / Domino. Dayle Padley (a.k.a. Hot Since 82), Leeds based DJ/producer and owner of Knee Deep In Sound imprint, takes Joe Goddard’s original to a new propulsive level in two different ways. Both create an elaborated rhythmic progression for the re-work, but a slight and subtle difference comes up between them, depending on how it goes for the vocal’s stand out or the rhythmic core’s enrichment for itself.

It all comes from the second advance single and corresponding video directed by the Shynola collective out of “Electric Lines”, the new solo full length album by Joe Goddard (Hot Chip, The 2 Bears). Original “Music Is The Answer” is an emotive LP closing track sustained by London singer-songwriter Jess Mills’ vocals. Hot Since 82 goes for the refrain, its rhythmic and melodic qualities are the material to work on. Right away, he delivers a high tempo to reach it. A number of vocal and techs samplers are added over a steady percussive rattle, giving extra space to the original intro’s synth riffs sequence under contrast, and creating a main and cumulative strain by the parts, which is lovely released by intercalated depressurization fxs. Melodic bass-lines take control to introduce vocals and everything is ready for the refrain’ climax with a melodious percolated synth. That’s how an indietronica synthpop house born track turns into a techno-house banger.

The accompanying track, “Music is The Answer (Hot Since 82 Dub)”, has nothing to do with the subgenre created by pioneers like Osbourne “King Tubby” Ruddock and Lee “Scratch” Perry. Here “Dub” is to be taken properly as an alternative version, an instrumental remix that manipulates, reshapes and removes the vocals from an existing recording. Also “Dub” here belongs to the historical meaning of the sound of drums. In fact “Music is The Answer (Hot Since 82 Dub)” is about to notice the propelling work that it was given to “Music is The Answer (Hot Since 82 Remix)” through drum machines and modulated bass.

What Hot Since 82 has done for “Electric Lines” with “Music Is The Answer Remix” is to spread ears to an impressive extracting potential from what will be the second full length solo album by Hot Chip‘s member, due to be released april 21st on Greco-Roman / Domino. Joe Goddard quoted it as “a journey through all of the electronic music that I have loved over the years,” and Hot Since 82 has proved that potential with his first installment of what is supposed and hope to be a series of remixed tracks taken from the album by other different artists.

From friday to friday this Joe faces a hot week, not only for the subject of this post but for his collaboration on Michael Mayer’s “For You”, a track taken from the album “Michael Mayer &“. It is remixed by DJ Koze, and to be released this coming Friday on !K7. But this will be another post.

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