FaltyDL at The Loft

A non linear equation to dance

FaltyDL will be on the decks today at The Loft as part of the 15th anniversary celebration line-up for one of the RazzClubs, the second installment of the five assembled areas to enjoy electronic music in Barcelona’s Razzmatazz. Last October, Andrew Lustman (a.k.a. FaltyDL) released “Heaven Is For Quitters” through Blueberry Records, his first album for the self-run imprint. We are about to know the percentage of his sixth album’s liquid electronica will be filtrated on the set. But before that, some considerations about this guy who quoted: “I’ve always tried to make music for clubs and outward facing experiences…”

From a Catalan perspective it was good to know this New Haven (Connecticut) born and now Brooklyn based producer had enough time to visit Portlligat/Cadaqués (Alt Empordà), to let the experience be a gorgeous opening track for his album “In The Wild” (Ninja Tune, 2014). It only takes few seconds to describe the unique, abrupted and windy landscape that inspired a great number of Dali’s paintings, and it drives to introspection the rest of us. There was poetry working with visual English artist Chris Shen as well as forward motion in a digitally processed voice running “Do me, do me, do me, hugh” like a clickety-clack of the mind, subverted on a clip by W.A.F.F.L.E. collective’s vertiginous choreography, shot in a New York City subway wagon. There were many fragmentary pieces brought about, to create a richly contrasted mosaic of evoking sounds, from south border’s Spanish guitars to a suddenly rush stop as a doo-wop rehearsal was in progress on a corner. Unexpected sounds he spread out through well known styles, from two-step to house, ambient, and jazzy derivative. He’s eclectic, furthermore, he is not a linear equation.

If “In The Wild” had sense, “Heaven is For Quitters” is corroborative. His ever standing graceful manner to title albums, from ironic debut, “Love Is Liability”, to the latest, a punch hit to the accommodating qualities that embraces what David Byrne once said: “Heaven is a place, a place where nothing, nothing really happens”. FaltyDL always pushes into expansive areas for sound innovation despite being qualified as a low-key downtempo deliver. He knows how to make music for the inward, but he’s restless innovator for the source code from the outward intros, always tempted to run out from the program. He knows what algorithmic intelligence is about but he’s able to transform steps, sequences and patrons into an undeniable FaltyDL output. It is what we expect tonight from him wrapped up in his genuine NY melting pot of UKG and dubstep that gave him a hype to be named through PlanetMu and Ramp, not forgetting his “HardcourageNinja Tune period and the remarkable Swamp81 and Mean Streets 12”s. Wish there will be a hint of that inclusive avant-electronica on your set.

FaltyDL will comes tonight at The Loft /Razzmatazz along with veteran Luke Vibert and what he did for jungle and drum ‘n’ bass in the 90’s, with recent “Ridmik” on his hands for an eclectic  Hypercolour night.

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