K.O.T: ‘Kaoz’ EP

An epic track for those who care

Sorry guys, this works out ‘to worry’ in present tense. This sentence not only includes this category of verb that expresses a temporal relation between what is reported in and its utterance, but also ‘tense’ as an adjective belonging to name ‘tension’. Allow me to play inappropriately with those words’ categories. There’s a purpose, by any means necessary. It’s not a linguistic matter, it’s about music, and what music says to us. It’s about “Kaoz”, by legendary Sandy Rivera aka K.O.T. (Kings Of Tomorrow), a 3 track EP due to be released December 9th through Pocker Flat. It will be the 2016’s latest release from the Hamburg based imprint.

It can’t be other way but stylish soulful house from one who helped define early 90’s NYC house sound and climaxed in 2001 with global smash “Finally”, a track everyone wanted to play and remix, from Kölsch to The xx. Sandy Rivera worked that polished evolution from what Larry Levan created in his decade-long residency at the club Paradise Garage along Frankie Knuckles at the Continental Baths. He took note from what Françoise Kevorkian did to introduce dub aesthetics and he was one of the ambassadors of that particular sound on the other side, in the United Kingdom, giving birth to the derivative UK garage. That was then, when everything was worth for an improbable mix, but this is now. ‘Kaoz’ is fortunately an updated reinforcement of what Rivera has always been doing. He keeps strongly on his path, struggling for what is his own in a very convincing way. There’s a reflection these days, related to what Edward Lorenz summarized as chaos theory. If you feel lost, disappointed for how circumstances has been come out, overwhelmed by uncertainty, get back to the beginning: “There’s order in Kaoz”.

This is how main title begins from this new EP by Kings Of Tomorrow, a stunning spoken word vocals from Divine Essence, wrapped up in punchy drums and floating synth counterparts, as she sways over indulgence and personal thoughts to assume and give an answer to reality. ‘Kaoz’ is completed by a dub version and a swiss born DJ Dario D’Attis remix. Both got the relevant words as hints for an impressive musical developments, respectively focused in bass section and to pay homage to K.O.T’s influence. It’s an epic track for those who care.

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