Unknown Artist: ‘Bet Your Life’

Know this!

I clued this one back on the first week of August and it streamed like ‘Hey, don’t miss it’.  This weekend I’ve got the alert on my mail box and click immediately for a check out on Banoffee Pies.

Instead of a regular label policy, releasing artist/album in a one by one correspondence, this Bristol based imprint has the editorial convey of bringing out tracks from various artists of its catalogue on each release. It really makes a difference, hand-fed by vinyl-only’ accurate series and limited edition copies tagged in ‘12-10’. Following Part 1, dropped back in June and featuring Christian Jay, Larry De Kat, Florist and Crump, arrived Part 2 this Friday, the Black Label series’ second release, with tracks from Hansel!, KOKO, Niccolo Borgis, Adam Strömstedt, and an unknown artist. That’s the point, the outstanding “Bet Your Life”, credited to an unrevealed (Good to know him/her soon) sole producer, in what is presumed a bunch of house picks.

‘Bet Your life’ works up for a sweat from the beginning. It’s a raw groove, punctuated by guitar’s slashes and adorable old-school female vocals over a sharp house pattern. It takes you back in time at once, but keeps your feet on present’s ground, like a ‘know how’ everything (house) comes from. A lesson’s note from an unknown teacher who believes music is an unabridged portrait of time. This track deserves to be on 2016’ standouts list. Bet for that!

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