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                    2014.10.14                                 museumoflovedef

    LCD‘s drummer Patrick Mahoney joined Jee Day (Dennis McNanny) in 2011 to remix Battles‘ “My Machines (ft. Gary Numan).” They felt in the same sensibility wave to go for more and extend the experience. The join-venture grew to Museum Of Love, a duo named after Daniel Johnston’s song. In 2013 appeared the first two singles ‘Down South’ and ‘Monotronic.’ DFA released the eponymous debut, a nine-track full of clashy New York. David Byrne would walk along with it.

                   1999.10.14                                 keithjarretthemelodyatnightwithyoudef

    American pianist Keith Jarrett released “The Melody At Night, With You” on ECM. The album contains jazz standards, two traditional songs, and one improvisation. It is out of love and devotion to his wife, Rose Ann, convalescent from chronic fatigue syndrome.

                   1999.10.14                                 adria-punti-l-hora-del-patidef

    The Catalan musician Adrià Puntí, former leader from the celebrated Gironan band Umpah-Pah, released “L’hora del pati” through the local label, Picap. Produced by Quimi Portet (former El Último de la Fila), Puntí‘s sophomore album gives an endearing nostalgic tone to the fifteen tracks, with ‘Coralí‘ and ‘Sota una col‘ as highlights. Motifs come echoing from infancy through popular catchphrases and Catalan cultural facts with his peculiar talent of a proper language goldsmith. It’s rock’n’ roll intimacy; self-defined as “distorted acoustic” work. It gives a pat to the debut “Pepalallarga i…” in a freshly spontaneous way.

                    1994 10.14                                whiskynscollonsdef

    The pop-rock band from Reus (Baix Camp) Whiskey’ns (Collons) debuted in the long format with an eponymous album, released by Al·leluia Records. The sarcastic name they choose, a phonetic tricked way to get the English pronouncing of the Scottish beverage close to a famous Catalan exclamation, in allusion to the testicles. This decision gave the group an aura of provocation. They staged with a correlated rock and lyrics. As becoming popular, they signed to RGB and dropped the inconvenient word as reconsidered their themes.

                    1994 20.14                                 Ilikeitlikethatdef2

    The film “I Like It Like That” by debutant Daniel Martin premiered Certain Regard Cannes 1994. A comedy-drama based in the hard-living of a Puerto-Rican couple in the South Bronx. The Black-All Stars was the band for the Original Soundtrack, a supergroup formed by famous Latin stars Ray Barreto, Tito Puente, Paquito D’Rivera, Tito Nieves, Dave Valentin, Sheila E., and Grover Washinton Jr. They released a cover of Pete Rodriguez‘s 1967 debut single. A classic boogaloo that came back to prominence last year with Cardi B‘s debut album, “Invasion Of Privacy.” The Bronx rapper, actress, and songwriter updated ‘I like It‘ featuring Bad Bunny and J Balvin and sampling Tito Nieves‘ trademark ‘Yeah, I Like It!” and the original ‘I Like It Like That‘ chorus.

                     1964.10.14                                 francoisehardymonaimelarosedef

    The French singer Francoise Hardy, famous for ‘Tous Les Garçons Et Les Filles‘ since 1962, released “Mon Amie La Rose,” her fourth album on Disques Vogue. The title track became one of the most beloved and successful of her career, coming from a poem written by Cécile Caulier and Jacques Lacome. An emotive homage to model and actress Sylvie Lopez, who died from leukemia in 1956.